4 Destructive Phrases That Can Ruin Relationships

People cannot avoid making mistakes. No one is perfect and we something regret saying some certain things to people we are in relationships with. We have made a list of the most common phrases people say to each other without realizing how destructive their words can be. Refrain from using them if you want to have a strong bond with your significant one.

1. “Am I supposed to ask for what I need or want?” Partners believe that their beloved should understand them without words. In fact, we cannot read each other’s mind. Our feelings, emotions and desires are invisible and not always easily understood. Do not hesitate to tell your partner about your expectations. Let them know that they can ask you for what he or she needs and wants you to do. The same rule applies to your beloved. Your wishes are not obvious 24/7. Discuss your requirements and do not blame each other for being indifferent.