7 Signs Your Partner Is Your Perfect Match

How do we tell whether we have met a soul mate? Well, there are a few signs that can help you figure that out. You special one might be the person you are with at the moment. Read the article below and see how true the information is.
1. You Are Always Loved, but Sometimes Disliked
Your soul mate is someone who always loves you. But do not confuse two different things – when you are loved and when you are liked or disliked. Your ideal partner is not someone who tells you sweet lies all the time. That’s the person who tells you the truth in a polite way. Your man might not always like you or the way you talk or behave. Relax! This is not all terrible at all. What he feels about you is not aggression, anger or irritation. It’s just a normal reaction to what you do or say, not to your character, nature and personality. He loves you for sure!