5 Interpretations of Love

Love can be different and we can interpret it in a variety of ways. We have a lot of people around whom we love. However, if you look into it deeper, you will understand that your love to each of them is different. Being capable of telling one kind of love from another may be very useful. It can help you understand where you are moving and what your next step should be like. Let’s see what types of love you can experience.

Passionate love: Poets have been praising this kind of love for centuries. Love that is full of passion is what all songs are written about. We read books and watch movies where we see how passionate the characters are. This sort of love can lead to happiness. However, it often can hurt your feelings and heart. Passionate love changes your life and can completely transform your personality. This love inspires you to do incredible things – both positive and negative. This feeling is so strong that you can hardly control yourself. Passionate love can also be described as “intoxicating”. The best thing is to stay wise, but that’s almost impossible to do when you feel passionate about someone.