9 Outfits That Make Met Gala 2019 Unforgettable


Events may sometimes go unnoticed. It all depends on a few main factors that influence the way in which people perceive that special day, presentation or festival. The fashion industry arranges its own event where celebrities like singers and actors show their outfits. Some look ridiculous while others stun us with their impeccable taste and elegance. The Met Gala determines the style and expects all those invited to the event to look accordingly. Participants and guests can use various hints and trips to excite the public and surprise spectators. We are just viewers, but our opinion and reaction matter a lot. This year the Met Gala welcomed famous people whom we have seen and have heard of. In 2019 the organizers set quite a unique theme. It is known to us as the so-called Camp Style. You may find this style ironic, funny or even comic. But it does exist and many use it as a tool to achieve their major goal – to be noticed by others.

Ezra Miller’s choice was quite unexpected, but really memorable and original. The famous singer and actor created an exceptionally extravagant look. Not only did he have plenty of makeup on, he used it in a special manner – his face was covered with eyes that looked absolutely real and natural. In comparison to this, his outfit wasn’t that shocking.


Jared Leto was another celebrity whose ambition was to shock his fans and haters! He came to the Met Gala with a clutch. Sounds normal so far? Unless you find out that the accessory was a perfect copy of his own head!


Harry Styles is another singer and actor who demonstrated his gorgeous outlook at the Met Gala 2019 in a little bit different way that we all would have ever expected. It was a black outfit but transparent, frilly and feminine. The man opted for a Victorian blouse made of a sheer fabric and had a massive pearl earring in his ear.


Gigi Hadid is one of the models who cannot look bad no matter what they wear! This year the lady came to the event wearing a catsuit made of a gold and silver fabric. Her extra eyelashes were silver as well. She was literary shining like a star. More than that, Gigi had a fantastic cape created by Michael Kors. The accessory was covered with feathers and matched the rest of the outfit very well.


Celine Dion is a talented person. She is loved by millions. Now she will stay in our memories as one of those who managed to surprise and even shock the public at the Met Gala 2019. Her outfit was luxurious and by no way ridiculous or epic. There is some drama in her head accessory. But we cannot call it tasteless. Her dress was splendid as well.


Kim Kardashian has plenty of fans and followers. At Met Gala 2019 the lady looked surreal – her waist was extremely narrow. Was it natural? Is it surgery and rib removal? We do not know for sure. But her unusual look did attract many people’s attention. The outfit demonstrated absolutely each and every curve. She looked sexy in her sheer outfit, though.


Katy Perry stood out from the rest since what this star was wearing was out of this world. That was innovative, brave, and too extravagant. On the other hand, the Met Gala is the sort of event where we expect to see our favorites in something crazy like a chandelier, for instance.


Cardi B was in wine red – that’s the shade of red we think fits this woman. The look was dramatic and truly unique. Her rubies made the outfit look even more luxurious. Gorgeous lady! Gorgeous gown!


Lupita Nyong’o revealed the theme of Camp Style in probably the best way possible. She looked like a butterfly with her rainbow wings. She looked better than you could ever imagine! If you haven’t seen her Met Gala outfit this year, you have missed too much!