8 Outfits That Make Met Gala 2019 Unforgettable


Events may sometimes go unnoticed. It all depends on a few main factors that influence the way in which people perceive that special day, presentation or festival. The fashion industry arranges its own event where celebrities like singers and actors show their outfits. Some look ridiculous while others stun us with their impeccable taste and elegance. The Met Gala determines the style and expects all those invited to the event to look accordingly. Participants and guests can use various hints and trips to excite the public and surprise spectators. We are just viewers, but our opinion and reaction matter a lot. This year the Met Gala welcomed famous people whom we have seen and have heard of. In 2019 the organizers set quite a unique theme. It is known to us as the so-called Camp Style. You may find this style ironic, funny or even comic. But it does exist and many use it as a tool to achieve their major goal – to be noticed by others.

Ezra Miller’s choice was quite unexpected, but really memorable and original. The famous singer and actor created an exceptionally extravagant look. Not only did he have plenty of makeup on, he used it in a special manner – his face was covered with eyes that looked absolutely real and natural. In comparison to this, his outfit wasn’t that shocking.