7 Ocean Liners That Stun with Their Luxury

Igor Grochev / Shutterstock.com

We are sure that you know what it feels like to stay at a five-star hotel. You are pampered 24/7. A five-star hotel has all you need to feel an elite guest. There are a few restaurants with different cuisines, plenty of entertaining, gyms, saunas and staff that can assist you around the clock. You are offered scuba diving classes or invited to concerts and performances in the evenings… The same and even more can be offered on cruise liners at sea!
1. Mariner of the Seas
The MS Mariner of the Seas is not all alone. It also has a sister ship. The liner was created in 2003 and cost almost 700 million USD. There are more than 1550 double rooms. The interior is fantastic – you can see Clarissa Parish’s works decorating the ship.