6 Most Luxurious Resorts for Your Family


Luxury retreats can be found all around the globe. The list below can help you pick the best place for you and your family. Travelling with children can be fun and relaxing if you know where exactly you are going to spend your time. The sites described below are perfectly tailored for people travelling with kids. Each of them is unique and can offer you the best service available.

1. Barcelo La Bobadilla, Spain
Just imagine how pleasant it will be for your whole family to stay in a small village around which there are gardens and fragrant plants growing everywhere. In Andalusia they have Barcelo La Bobadilla – a deluxe retreat for people who want to escape from the crazy tempo of urban life. It’s an estate rather than a resort or retreat. However, guests can find a hydrotherapy spa and several milk baths, solariums and a few restaurants. Participate in olive and wine tastings. Take a family bike ride and have a country picnic specially arranged for you.