10 Warm Destinations for You to Spend Your Winter

Let yourself relax in a warm place, somewhere far away from the low temperatures that prevail in your country in the winter season. We have made a list of 10 best places where your winter will be warm. Pick one of the destinations below, book a flight and enjoy the warmth of the area.
1. Marrakech
One of the most popular destinations among winter travellers is Morocco. Most of us choose this country for its beaches and resorts. Nevertheless, Marrakech is different from the rest of the country. It is a busy city full of people. If you visit downtown, you’ll see an ancient wall that was built 1000 years ago, find out how it was created and what for. The cultural life there is very rich. There’re lots of museums, sightseeing places, old architecture and gardens that will keep you surprised and amazed.